The Magnificent Science Company

Innovators, scientists, artists & engineers in the spirit of the great inventors. Against reductionism. For art. For humans.

Planning for solar and renewables

With over 500MW of renewable energy projects in our clients pipelines we are one of the largest specialist green energy planning consultancies in Europe. We undertake projects on a success fee and joint venture basis. See how we can help you make your development budget go further.

Museums & Cultural Resource Management

Museums are under threat. You need reliable income streams and open source collections management software which can also be your on line presence. We recognised an opportunity to use our software developed in house for commercial delivery of multi million pound capital expenditure projects for use in the culture sector.

Innovation Consulting

Award winning innovation with 75% of retained profits reinvested in primary research, we are taking forward a variety of projects in environmental monitoring, peer to peer data and ecosystems services and cultural resource management amongst others. We have in house coders and hardware specialists to ensure first mover advantage and zero delay from idea to software or hardware.